The David Astor Journalism Awards Trust


The David Astor Journalism Awards are not conventional awards in the sense of recognising some significant achievement.  They represent instead a long-term commitment by the Trust to invest in and support the career development of exceptionally promising young journalists with the greatest potential to excel in the future.

Presently, the Trust is focused on Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.  We usually make three awards each year within the region.

Choosing the candidates is a highly selective process.  First, a wide-ranging group of local nominators in each country identifies potentially suitable candidates for consideration.  A rigorous, multi-stage staff review, assessment and short-listing process follows.  Finally, an independent panel of judges interviews the finalists and selects the winners.

The award winners initially take part in a three-month professional development programme tailored to their particular interests and needs.  These involve work experience attachments with newspapers in the UK and/or South Africa.  They then receive continuing professional support as career-long members of the David Astor Award Winnersí Network.

Each award winner also receives a nominal cash award of $500 (the runners-up receive $250).